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5 Exciting New Features Just Added to Maximize Your Power!

It can be tough for internet marketers these days with so much competition from other affiliates who are promoting the same products and services... Even if you have your own products to offer, promoting can be a costly undertaking. And it's not always possible to shell out funds for advertising when you're just starting out and establishing your online business. Do you agree?

But there has to be a way to maximise the value you receive, to maximise the resources available to you and to maximise the revenue that is generated in your business right? There must be something that can give you an extra edge to achieving success...

Do you need more time in your day? It's a fact that there's a great need for quality membership sites that offer a practical range of marketing resources that the busy marketer can utilise whenever they have an ad campaign to promote. With less time on our hands and even more products to promote, it makes good business sense to market the smart way!

MaxViralMarketing.com is a centralised site where you can go to place your advertising regularly at no extra cost. We have developed a unique concept in viral marketing where you will receive many benefits to apply directly to your business. At the same time, you can generate a monthly residual cash income PLUS advertising points for further exposure!

We've listened to the members of our associated programs and compiled a list of the most wanted features that internet marketers are looking for -- to enable us to offer you a value-packed site full of resources to add to your marketing arsenal. These are all designed to save you time and energy.

Just think, wouldn't it be great not to have to go from one site to another posting ads, sending out emails, chopping and changing, going to your favorites, and copying and pasting all the time? Think about the amount of time you would save if you had most of the resources that you need in one convenient location? Would that make your internet marketing quicker and easier?

Imagine Having ALL These Marketing Resources
Right At Your Fingertips!

  • *NEW!* Meta Tag Generator for use by all members to improve the search engine rankings and popularity of their websites. This is a powerful tool that all members should take advantage of. (Valued at $17).

  • *NEW!* Splash Page Builder that automatically creates attraction-getting opt-in pages with headlines, sub-headings, content, and professionally created graphics for you on-the-fly. Use them to promote your offers and build prospect and customer lists quickly and easily. Free members can create 1 page, Pro members can create 10 pages, and Reseller members can create 100 pages. (Valued at $5-$500).

  • *NEW!* Member Directory! that automatically gives you a free backlink for submitting your site in our directory. Free members can submit 1 site, Pro members can submit 5 sites, and Reseller members can submit 10 sites.

  • Search Engine Submission of your web sites to over 15 search engines. Post as many web site links as you wish through this service so your potential prospects can find you.
  • Blog Network Submission of your ads to over blog sites (Valued at $59/yr) .
  • Highly Targeted Classified Ad Submission to over ClassyFied-Ads.com web sites (Valued at $48/yr) .
  • 150 Targeted Banner Clicks at TargetedBannerAds.com (Valued at $30). TargetedBannerAds is an perfect place to promote your products in front of tons of Pre-Qualified, Targeted Buyers.
  • Instant Link Exchange to increase your web site's popularity with a growing database of link partners in 32 targeted categories (Valued at $83/yr).
  • Free For All Submission of your ads to over 1 million FFA web sites.
  • Url Rotator & Ad Tracking services (Valued at $83/yr).
  • Paid Classified Ad Mall hosting (Valued at $48/yr) - includes banner rotations and top and bottom sponsor ad placement!
  • Link Cloaking & Tracking - Pro & Reseller members receive a complimentary Pro membership at StatAnalyzer where they will be able to setup 10 email tracking campaigns and edit, change, delete them as often as required, with an unlimited number of short URL tracking campaigns. (Valued at $47.40/yr).
  • Joint Venture proposal posting and business partner/affiliate finding services (Valued at $180/yr) - 16 categories to choose from in this amazingly simple system!
  • One Click Subscription to Ezines that accept free advertising. Reach more than 1,314,026 opt-in readers in 29 ezines, and gain instant access to thousands of dollars worth of subscription bonuses! Free members can use the Ezine Blaster once and Pro members can use it over and over again!
  • Banner Ad & Text Ad Impressions - Displayed throughout our web site. Free members receive 200 banners & 100 text ads as a signup bonus. Pro members receive 5000 banners & 2500 text ad impressions per month (Valued at $120/yr).
  • Full Page Site Views - Pro members receive 10,000 page views as a signup bonus (Valued at $50).
  • Ad Board Submission - Free members can post one new ad every three days to remain online for three days. Pro members can post one new ad every day to remain online for seven days! (Valued at $24.95). Talk about maximum marketing!
  • Downline Builder System - Let your downlines at MaxViralMarketing.com join our other programs under you only.
  • Discounted Scripts (Valued at $240/yr) - Each month, Pro members can redeem a $20 discount voucher for the discounted script of their choice at YourFreeWorld.com Scripts! (NB: Each discount voucher is valid for 30 days only).
  • *NEW!* JV Offers Page allows Pro members to promote 1 JV offer to all members each month, while Reseller members can post 2 JV offers to all members every month. (Valued at $50).
  • *NEW!* Ad Announcer Credits Mailer allows Pro members to send an offer to all our members (Valued at $7), while Reseller members can post 2 offers to all members. Free Members receives 1 credit for each ad viewed, Pro Members receives 2.5 credits for each ad viewed, and Resellers receives 5 credits for each ad viewed, and with 25 credits you can post 1 more Ad Announcement to the entire list at any time.

  • Super Solo Ad BlastPro & Reseller members can submit there HTML Solo Ad that will be sent out within 24 hours to the members of 7 safelists. Right now, the total number of safelist readers is more than 15,880 double opt-in subscribers.
  • Super Solo Ad Mailing - Pro & Reseller members receive a free solo ad mailing for 2 campaigns at RandomListMailer. (Valued at $14).
  • Advertising from MySuperSafelistPro & Reseller members receive 5000 super ad credits, 2 banners with 1000 impressions, 1 login ad with 500 impressions, and 1 month of unlimited 125x125 banner sponsor ad impressions to promote their offers to more than 1707 members. (Valued at $95).
  • Bonus Advertising from MyFreeSafelist - Pro & Reseller members will have their offers seen by more than 8,541 responsive members! They will receive 10,000 advertising credits, 3 traffic links with 200 clicks, and 2 banners with 1000 views. (Valued at $100).
  • Sponsor Advertising - Pro & Reseller members can submit their advertising at MyFreeMoneyMakingSafelist to promote their opportunity to more than 2,522 members. They will receive 3 text ads w/1000 views, 2 solo ad sponsor ads w/1000 views, and 1 super solo ad to more than 16,190 readers at 7 membership sites. (Valued at $73).
  • Free Upgrade For More Value & Higher Commissions - Pro & Reseller members will receive Lifetime Pro membership to MySafelistPays plus 2 solo ads, and 1 banner with 2000 impressions. (Valued at $89).
  • Downloads: Article Submitter With 100% Master Resale Rights (a $137 value)

    "Now You Can Drive Insane Traffic To Your Web Site Using The Magic of Article Submission..."

    Article Submitter is the Fastest and Easiest way to get your articles posted on hundreds of article directories without spending hours and hours on the manual labor of doing so!

    By Sending Out Articles You Can Add Many of Your Sales Pages and Affiliate Links. These will be caught by the major search engines -- and Your Sales Will Explode!

  • Downloads: Header Graphics With 100% Resale Rights (a $47 value)

    "Finally There's A Simple Way To Create Amazing Header Graphics That Will Increase Your Dull Website's Sales Conversion Ratio And You Can Do This Without Hiring a Graphic Designer"

    Well now you don't have to settle for that boring and drab "plain paper" look. I've made special arrangements to include a way for you to design a professional header graphic for your new software.

    Catch your visitors' attention right away with the stunning graphics you'll create with Vincent's amazing program. You can spice up your web page and give it some real feel in just a few minutes of your time.

    Instant Header Graphics is easy to use and you'll be amazed at the quality headers in generates in only minutes of work.

That Adds Up To Over $1000 Worth Of
Marketing Resources Specifically For YOU!

Now Look At The VIRAL Marketing Advantages
Of Our Program!

When you join MaxViralMarketing.com today, you will automatically become an affiliate. This is where the magic of our concept comes together... Look what you will receive when you refer new members!

  • For each new Free member that you refer through your affiliate ID, you will receive 20 banner impressions and 10 text ad impressions to use towards your marketing!
  • For each new Pro member that you refer through your affiliate ID, you will receive 500 banner impressions and 250 text ad impressions to use towards your marketing!
  • PLUS you will also receive 40% commissions paid in cash for new Pro members and Resellers referred through your affiliate ID. That's $4 per month for each Pro member you refer and $10 per month for each Reseller member you refer!
  • Now you can also build your downline passively just by signing up new referrals through your affiliate link, thereby generating even more traffic to your promoted sites! All the sites to join are absolutely free.

Can you see how your marketing efforts can pay off even more by promoting our program as well as your own? This is passive and viral at the same time! Brilliant!

But don't just take our word for it... Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below.

Outstanding Value!

As a publisher of a marketing-related ezine, I'm forever on the lookout for quality programs that I can recommend to my subscribers. This is one! It has an excellent range of marketing tools, a good referral program and I particularly like the added points that can be redeemed for more advertising. I recommend you join today!

Eva Browne-Paterson, http://www.evieb.com/

Great service. Increases traffic.

i get more visitor when i use maxviral.com

I found the only one you will need Its has it all

What an excellent program MaxViralMarketing is. A whole suite of traffic generation programs plus a built-in downline builder for multiple programs.

All I have to do is promote my url - fantastic.

Simon Cooper


I have yet to find a more excellent multi-faceted tool with unbelievable business-building potential. Keep up the good work.

Reigh Simuzoshya

You can join as a Free member or as a Paid member with a monthly subscription for a fraction of the marketing package value. Our member's area is very easy to understand and full instructions are provided to show you how to get up and running with your promotions quickly.

When you signup as a Pro member, you'll receive the following download bonuses valued at $3541 absolutely FREE as an extra incentive!

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Due to popular demand, we've just added a Reseller membership option, which enables you to make 100% commissions on any Pro Membership fees received through your link. That's right -- YOU KEEP ALL THE PROFITS!

As a reseller member, you'll receive all the pro members bonuses PLUS 95 extra quality bonuses.

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But that's not all...

As a Reseller Member, you will also receive 40% commissions on any Reseller Memberships that you sell through your link, plus an exclusive bonus to help you promote your site:

  • 10,000 banner impression each month!

  • 10,000 text ad impressions each month!

The Reseller Membership is is the perfect addition to any marketing site looking to offer more value to existing programs.

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200 banners & 100 text ad impressions

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  • 2 New Bonus Downloads Every Single Month

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  • 10k Text Ad impressions


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